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Has TRID Really Lowered Lender Profits?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on May 16, 2016

It may be that TRID’s apparently negative impact on the bottom line is less certain than initial numbers suggest.

Kapil Dhakad: Technology Enabling Lenders, Servicers To Bring Compliance In-House

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on May 16, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Kapil Dhakad is vice president of IndiSoft, a provider of software and integration services to the mortgage industry.

William Fall: The Biggest Challenge With Collateral Underwriter ‘Is The Scores’

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on May 11, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: William Fall is the founder and CEO of Valuation Partners, a national appraisal management company with access to thousands of independent fee appraisers in all 50 states and many U.S. territories. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Fall to [Read More]

Greg Schroeder: The Critical Importance Of Monitoring Third-Party Relationships

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on May 04, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Greg Schroeder is president of Mission Viejo, Calif.-based Comergence Compliance, which is focused on third-party originator and appraiser risk management and offers a SaaS-based vendor management solution.

Larry Alston: Mortgage Lenders Must Embrace Big Data

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Apr 27, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Larry Alston is senior vice president and general manager for Mortgage Builder Inc., an Altisource business unit that combines best practices, a broad partner network and an end-to-end loan origination platform to help lenders close more [Read More]

Katharine Loveland: Lenders Now Shifting Their Focus To HMDA

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Apr 20, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Katharine Loveland is executive vice president (EVP) for software delivery and professional services at Accenture Mortgage Cadence, a provider of technology and data solutions to the mortgage industry. Loveland and her team are responsible for overseeing [Read More]

Does Your Sales Strategy Need Spring Cleaning?

Orb Staff
Chris Backe on Apr 18, 2016

CLOSING TIME: By most accounts, 2016 should be a solid year for mortgage lending. The Mortgage Bankers Association is predicting the best year for purchase loans since the Great Recession, with volume projected at nearly $1 trillion. And yet, I [Read More]

Jeff Birdsell: Reverse Mortgages Are Also Financial Planning Tools

Patrick Barnard on Apr 15, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Jeff Birdsell is vice president of professional services for ReverseVision Inc., a provider of reverse mortgage technology. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Birdsell to get his views on how the reverse mortgage segment has transformed over the past [Read More]

Scott Stein: Collaboration Is Key To Improving The Mortgage Borrower Experience

Patrick Barnard on Apr 04, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Scott Stein is vice president of sales for Roostify, which provides Web-based software for automating the mortgage process from application through closing. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Stein to learn more about how Roostify’s software is streamlining the [Read More]

UnHARPing: A New Opportunity For Mortgage Lenders?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Mar 28, 2016

Only about 10% of existing HARP borrowers have refinanced, according to Freddie Mac, so there are a lot more who could emerge as refinancing candidates.

Sharon Matthews: MISMO Adoption Is Key To Getting Head Start On HMDA

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Mar 28, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Sharon Matthews is president and CEO of mortgage compliance technology provider eLynx. MortgageOrb recently caught up with Matthews to find out what compliance initiatives mortgage lenders will be focusing on in 2016 and beyond. Q: Despite [Read More]

Is It Time For Zero-Zero Mortgages?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Mar 23, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Mortgage lenders have traditionally wanted both an origination fee plus points when making a loan, but now there’s evidence that such charges are going the way of landlines and boom boxes. Research from Freddie Mac shows that points [Read More]

Emeka Madu: AMCs Must Perform Third-Party Due Diligence, Too

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Mar 23, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: With the constant regulatory changes impacting the appraisal industry – and the mortgage industry at large – some appraisal management companies (AMCs) are starting to consider outsourcing their compliance responsibilities to third-party compliance specialty firms. But [Read More]

A Mortgage Insurer’s View Of Housing Affordability

Orb Staff
Tian Liu on Mar 21, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Because the private mortgage insurance industry plays a major role in helping first-time home buyers by lowering the down payment requirements, it has a unique view on the hurdles that first-time home buyers face. Private mortgage insurers have [Read More]

Bringing Automation To Asset Location And Verification

Orb Staff
Ravi Loganathan on Mar 16, 2016

BLOG VIEW: The mortgage industry continues to make significant strides toward innovation. Across the board, lenders and their various partners have automated several key processes in an effort to remain compliant, become more efficient, reduce costs and better serve the [Read More]

Karim Davis: Regulation Has Resulted In ‘Maturation’ Of Mortgage Industry

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Mar 14, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Karim Davis is an operations manager for Churchill Mortgage in Herndon, Va. MortgageOrb recently interviewed Davis to get her views on the current state of the mortgage industry, including what mortgage lenders can do to target [Read More]

Change Is Good: Exploring New Uses For Existing Technologies

Orb Staff
Barry Hays on Mar 11, 2016

There are ways to build bridges between disparate systems to create an improved customer experience.

CFPB Goes After Marketplace Lenders

Patrick Barnard on Mar 08, 2016

“The CFPB’s objectives in taking these actions are questionable, since consumers already could complain about marketplace loans using the CFPB’s existing loan categories.”

Sanjeev Malaney: Technology Is The Only Way To Deal With TRID

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Mar 07, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Sanjeev Malaney is founder and CEO of Capsilon Corp., a provider of document and data management solutions that enable mortgage lenders, investors and servicers to increase productivity and lower costs while ensuring compliance. MortgageOrb recently interviewed [Read More]

Kris Perez: Some Mortgage Technology Firms Didn’t Start On TRID Early Enough

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Mar 02, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Kris Perez is customer success manager for Idaho Falls, Idaho-based DocuTech Corp., which provides compliance services and documentation technology for the mortgage industry.