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How The Foreclosure Crisis Impacted Homeownership

Orb Staff
Tian Liu on Feb 08, 2016

After nine years, the market is moving to the other side of the cycle. The foreclosure crisis is winding down, and with it, fewer homeowners will be forced into renting.

Why College Debt Looms Larger On Mortgage Applications

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Feb 03, 2016

Millions of people are leaving college and technical or trade schools with a lot of debt – and that debt is interfering with family formations and homeownership levels.

Can No-Money-Down Mortgages Make A Comeback?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Feb 01, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Mortgages with no money down have a certain cringe factor – a leftover from the go-go era of real estate financing that ended with the market collapse of 2007 and the loss of millions of homes to foreclosure. [Read More]

Can The Mortgage Market Offset The Impact Of A Fed Rate Hike?

Orb Staff
John Levy on Jan 27, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Just over one month ago when most Americans were in the midst of the usual holiday bustle, the Federal Reserve voted to raise the central bank’s benchmark interest rate (from a 0%-0.25% range to a 0.25%-0.5% range) after [Read More]

Women In Mortgage: You’ve Come A Long Way

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Jan 25, 2016

As the mortgage industry becomes more female-centric, the potential for women to attain executive-level positions has increased.

The Overlooked Benefit Of Loan Performance

Orb Staff
Tucker McDermott on Jan 13, 2016

BLOG VIEW: Given the changes in the servicing industry over the last few years, it has become clear to lenders that in many cases, it simply is not in their best interest to service their own loans. Having a robust [Read More]

Paul Clifford: Understanding E-Recording Adoption

Patrick Barnard on Jan 12, 2016

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Paul Clifford is president of Simplifile, a software company founded in 2000 that connects lenders, settlement agents and counties. Simplifile leads the nation with the largest e-recording network, having securely e-recorded over 40 million land record [Read More]

Are Lower FHA Premiums Ahead?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Jan 06, 2016

BLOG VIEW: It’s been a very good year for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). At the start of 2015, the FHA cut its annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP) by 0.5% for most borrowers, and the results have been spectacular. The [Read More]

Better Tech Will Help Housing Agencies Better Service Their Communities

Orb Staff
Susan Graham on Dec 21, 2015

BLOG VIEW: Mortgage servicing has become more complex since the housing bust of 2008. Servicers have seen an increase in regulations and responsibilities. Being able to automate routine processes and reduce errors is vital to being successful in modern-day mortgage [Read More]

Fannie Further Loosens Mortgage Rules For The Underserved

Orb Staff
Orb Staff on Dec 03, 2015

BLOG VIEW: Fannie Mae’s new HomeReady Mortgage program – the successor to its MyCommunity Mortgage program that loosens mortgage qualification requirements for low- to moderate-income borrowers – is another example of how paradoxical the federal government’s involvement in the mortgage [Read More]

Performance Of Third-Party Service Providers Continues To Improve

Orb Staff
Terri Cravens on Dec 01, 2015

BLOG VIEW: The last several years have been painful for many of the third-party service providers in the mortgage loan industry. Bulletin 2013-29 from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, bulletin 2012-03 from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [Read More]

Closing Time: Are You TRID-Ready?

Orb Staff
Sanjeev Malaney on Nov 24, 2015

BLOG VIEW: Nearly two months have passed since the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules went into effect, and the first loans subject to the TRID rules have already closed. Lenders are now in a better position to evaluate just how [Read More]

How Mortgage Servicers Must Address TCPA Concerns

Orb Staff
Barry Hays on Nov 13, 2015

BLOG VIEW: The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) recent release of new rules clarifying provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has sent shockwaves through the mortgage servicing industry. With potential penalties of up to $1,500 per infraction and no [Read More]

Whatever Happened To Cash Buyers?

Orb Staff
Peter G. Miller on Nov 03, 2015

BLOG VIEW: There are fewer cash buyers than there used to be, but that may actually be a good thing for the real estate marketplace. Cash buyers have always been with us. Figures from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) [Read More]

Mortgage Bankers, Vendors Tired But A Little More Happy At 2015 MBA Annual

Patrick Barnard on Oct 21, 2015

BLOG VIEW: I just returned from the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) 2015 Annual Convention and Expo held in San Diego, and I must say, this year's conference was the best of the three I've attended. There didn't seem to be [Read More]