Mounting Indicators Prove Housing 'Recovery' Illusory

While there are some signs that things are improving, in reality there are mounting indicators that another housing downturn is near.

Wingspan Lays Off Employees At Two Call Centers

"It is in the nature of our work with large financial institutions to wrap up specific contracts for services and to have brief periods of time before new contracts begin," Wingspan officials said in a statement.

IDS Reports Spike In HELOC Volume In 2014

The firm is forecasting that if volumes stay at current levels, HELOC loan doc draws this year could exceed those of 2013 by nearly 65%.

CFPB Fines Flagstar Bank $37.5 Million For Mortgage Servicing Violations

In a statement, Richard Cordray, director of the CFPB, says the action taken against Flagstar "signals a new era of enforcement to protect consumers against the cost of servicer runarounds."

Castro: It's 'Too Hard' For Most Americans To Get A Mortgage

Many borrowers, Castro said during the Bipartisan Policy Center 2014 Housing Summit, "are ready to own, but are being left out in the cold," mainly because mortgage lenders have tightened their credit policies.

Up to 490,000 homeowners may be affected by inaccurate servicing records, a study from Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) reveals. Helping to drive the high error rate, the company says, [Read More]

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $38.3 million to more than 100 fair housing organizations and other nonprofits to help fight housing discrimination. The [Read More]

Interthinx has Your Blueprint for Quality_1375

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BLOG VIEW: In recent years, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., or MERS, has been the subject of an onslaught of litigation challenging the validity of the MERS system; the [Read More]

Americans ages 20 to 29 saw their student loan debt become a much larger percentage of their overall debt during the past decade - from 12.9% in 2005, to [Read More]

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After declining the previous two months, consumer attitudes toward the housing market returned to "modestly positive" in September, according to Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey, which polls about 1,000 [Read More]

Because origination volume has been declining steadily during the past five years (2013 being an exception), the average age of a mortgage has been rising steadily, according to Black [Read More]

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