Acqura Loan Services Launches E-Mod Program

Vantium Capital Inc. says its Acqura Loan Services unit has begun offering electronic loan modifications (e-mods) to delinquent borrowers in an effort to improve and accelerate borrower acceptance.

The company is using SigniaDoc's smart-doc technology to prepare and present the e-mods to borrowers with loans that it services for investors and for its own fund. Borrowers are invited to view their loan modification documents online at a secure portion of Acqura's Web site and review them on a real-time basis with a representative from Acqura's Home Owner Solutions Center. If the borrowers agree with the modification, they can immediately e-sign the documents online in a secure environment.

A growing number of investors will now accept e-signed mods, and federal and state courts have also recognized the validity of e-signed documents for loan modifications, the company notes.

Source: Acqura Loan Services


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