Asset Manager Jumps Into Loan Mods, Short Sales

Atlanta-based Chrisley Asset Management, a real estate owned (REO) management company, has started offering short-sale and loan modification services to lenders.

‘We seek to represent all parties, to provide attorneys with pertinent information and our clients with the utmost service while being respectful of all parties,’ explains Michael Todd Chrisley, owner and founder of Chrisley Asset Management.

According to the company, Chrisley Asset Management will act as a liaison among the different intermediaries involved in short-sale transactions. The firm also says it has partnered with Consumer Credit Counseling Service and HOPE NOW.

‘The REO market is very dynamic, and the rise in loan workout plans and short sales is no different than much of the expansion we have historically seen,’ Chrisley adds. ‘Our goal at Chrisley Asset Management is still the same, and that is to offer clients a streamlined approach for dealing with toxic assets. Our company's focus is to be proactive, and we are excited to be entering a new arena where we can foresee a significant difference that benefits borrowers and lenders equally.’

SOURCE: Chrisley Asset Management


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