Avista Launches New Rapid Implementation Methodology

Solutions, a provider of Web-based loan origination systems, has launched a new implementation methodology called SAIL, which stands for ‘scalable, agile, innovative and lean.’ The SAIL methodology is designed to enable companies to convert to the company's software-as-a-service technology more rapidly. ‘Our goal is to have new clients up within 30-60 days,’ says Mark Phlieger, president and CEO of Avista. "We performed a conversion earlier this year in 21 days, using the SAIL approach. Getting it done quickly means lenders can handle more loans with existing staff, and that's critical in this market.’ Phlieger notes that the introduction of the new methodology comes at a time when the lending industry is experiencing a surge in refinance applications. The company indicates it handled 140,000 loans in January, 115,000 in February and 128,000 in March. ‘Scalability is the true test,’ Phlieger adds. ‘More lenders are moving away from desktop and installed client/server systems that aren't able to scale or support access via the Internet SOURCE: Avista Solu


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