Bankers’ Mortgage Solutions Enters Market

s' Mortgage Solutions is bringing to the marketplace a mortgage technology solution that the company says will help community banks' mortgage fulfillment and technology outsourcing. The company's offering comprises two components: the Agile Mortgage Systems software technology and a virtual mortgage department for mortgage processing functions. Agile Mortgage Systems is a browser-based, end-to-end software solution for use in the residential mortgage origination process. This mortgage platform is designed to assist community banks in gathering required information, routing items and making decisions, the company says. Bankers' Mortgage Solutions' virtual mortgage department acts as an extension of a bank's business and provides services such as imaging, processing, closing and post-closing, MERS registration, investor delivery and compliance. "Our system and integrated partners allow mortgage originators and bankers to be quick, resourceful, adaptable – vital traits in today's marketplace," said CEO Bob Ross in a company statement. SOURCE: Bankers' Mortgage So


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