Baum’s Back-Office Vendor Announces Shutdown

Baum's Back-Office Vendor Announces Shutdown The backlash created by the announced shutdown of the controversial Steven J. Baum PC foreclosure law firm has continued, with one of the firm's major vendors announcing its closure.

The Buffalo News reports that Pillar Processing, a back-office and document-processing firm, has announced its plans to lay off 601 employees. Pillar was originally created as a Baum unit, but was later spun off as a standalone company. Both firms shared office space in Amherst, N.Y., and Westbury, N.Y.

In an internal memo to its employees, Pillar's management stated that it planned to ‘permanently close that part of its New York operations which serviced a New York law firm.’ The layoffs are expected to take effect by the end of February 2012.


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