Blueberry Systems’ LOS Integrates DocuTech’s ConformX

DocuTech, a provider of mortgage compliance services and documentation technology, and loan software provider Blueberry Systems have integrated DocuTech's Web-based document compliance system, ConformX, with Blueberry Systems' RELAY loan origination software (LOS).

The integration adds document and disclosure compliance within RELAY's workflow, keeping all loan data in one system and eliminating redundant data entry.

"Compliance is one of the fastest-changing and most complex areas in mortgage lending right now," says Wil Armstrong, CEO of Blueberry Systems. "DocuTech's ConformX services provide our clients with a reliable and accurate method to ensure compliance both now and in the future."

RELAY incorporates ConformX's document compliance rules into a single data stream, enabling lenders to immediately generate, print and send disclosures and documents using data already entered into the LOS. Lenders can access and generate the compliant loan documents from any computer with an Internet connection. ConformX is backed by DocuTech's compliance staff, which guarantees that all mortgage document packages are accurate and complete.

SOURCES: Blueberry Systems, DocuTech Corp.


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