BPO Provider Pairs Up With P&P Company

price opinion provider eMortgage Logic (EML) has partnered with property inspection and preservation company A2Z Field Services. The partnership will enable the two companies to combine their valuation, preservation and loan modification products into ‘hybrid’ offerings. ‘Utilizing information from A2Z, we can compare a broker's repaired assessment to that of data already collected or models created by A2Z," explains EML co-founder Ralph Sells. "This method will allow for improved accuracy and, essentially, loss predictions based on condition, while determining value." In addition to property valuations, EML provides tax data services to the mortgage banking industry. Sells notes that A2Z has increased its investment in technology over the past 16 months and has become active in loan modifications as a result of its affiliation with debt collection agency Resolve Collection Corp. The alliance will combine networks of Realtors, inspectors, field contractors, licensed debt collectors and loan modification personnel, adds Bill McMullen, A2Z's founder. As part of the integration process, A2Z will move its executive team to Texas to work with the new partners from EML and Resolve Collection, both of which are located in Texas. SOURCES: E


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