BSI Financial Automates Proof Of Claim Prep, Filing

Irving, Texas-based BSI Financial has selected National Claim Filing (NCF) to electronically create, audit and file its proof of claims (POCs).

The NCF system will enable subservicer BSI Financial to fully automate the process of creating the POC, using its litigation-audit function to ensure the POC is correct and automatically file it with the correct bankruptcy court, NCF says.

The point-and-click process is expected to reduce the time taken to prepare and file a POC by 80% as compared to existing methods, the companies add.

"We anticipate a dramatic time savings and improvement in filing accuracy, using the NCF solution," says Gagan Sharma, president and CEO of BSI Financial. "Our employees are valuable assets, and we want to optimize the use of their time and talents. NCF's system will enable us to do that, while helping to ensure that each POC is filed accurately and in accordance with the unique requirements of each bankruptcy court."

SOURCE: BSI Financial


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