Building And Land Technology Launches Troubled-Asset Division


Building And Land Technology (BLT), based in Norwalk, Conn., has formed BLT Solutions, a new division designed to provide full real estate services to the financial services sector with the goal of maximizing the liquidity and value of troubled real estate assets and loans of all types and all stages of development.

The services will be custom-tailored to each financial institution's unique requirements, the company says. Following portfolio analysis and due diligence, BLT Solutions will make a recommendation from a host of options that might include build-out, lease and hold, traditional sale, bulk sale or auction.

Assets can range from single- and multifamily homes to subdivisions, raw land, office buildings, retail centers, industrial parks and mixed-use projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. Consideration will also be given to special opportunities located elsewhere in the U.S.

Source: Building And Land Technology

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