Business Process Outsourcer Teams With E-Mod Provider

Intelenet Global Services, a provider of business process outsourcing support services, has partnered with SigniaDocs Inc. to offer a scalable e-modification solution for lenders and servicers.

SigniaDoc's Web-based capability ties in portfolio analysis, loan decisioning and automated verification partner technologies to truncate the time frames normally required to perform modifications, the companies say. Intelenet Global Services' workout specialists walk borrowers through document execution and the click-to-sign process.

"Nearly every servicer I've spoken with has said that their No. 1 challenge is getting documents completed and executed in a timely manner," says Tim Anderson, SigniaDocs' president. "With the size of the task at hand, it seems logical to me that strained lenders and servicers would outsource these functions to quickly scale and address the problem, rather than throwing people and paper at the process."

SOURCES: Intelenet Global Services, SigniaDoc


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