Caliber Funding Aids Brokers In Submitting Compliant GFEs

Caliber Funding LLC, a national wholesale and retail mortgage lender, has launched its new Originator Forms feature on its proprietary software system, The new feature provides fully completed documents with a single click, Caliber says.

The signature-ready package includes a good-faith estimate (GFE), a written list of settlement services providers, intent-to-proceed acknowledgment and a mortgage broker fee agreement, all issued in the broker's name. The feature also offers the use of Caliber's preferred business logic and system validations to help prevent the broker from making some of the most common critical and costly GFE errors, the company says.

‘Through this feature, we are able to help partner brokers who may be struggling to create a compliant GFE that is likely to be accepted by a lender," says Chris McCullough, Caliber's president. "Originator Forms results in a streamlined GFE review process."

SOURCE: Caliber Funding


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