California Occupy Movements Press For Foreclosure Moratorium

California Occupy Movements Press For Foreclosure Moratorium The leaders of two California-based factions of the Occupy Wall Street movement have announced plans to actively campaign to halt foreclosure proceedings.

The Associated Press reports that Mario Brito, a lead organizer of Occupy Los Angeles, has previewed a plan to bring about a moratorium on the city's foreclosures. Brito says that the movement's activists will soon begin to set up occupations in the neighborhoods where the city's major bank executives reside. Brito adds that he is in discussion with other organizers to push for a national foreclosure moratorium.

Separately, the leaders of Occupy Santa Cruz have made a written request to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors for a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. The request is based on allegations of bank fraud, improper record keeping and a spike in evictions and foreclosures. During the past year, the county saw nearly 1,600 homes in foreclosure auctions.


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