CampusMBA Uses Gettysburg Battlefield To Teach Real Estate Finance

11169_re-lee-image CampusMBA Uses Gettysburg Battlefield To Teach Real Estate Finance CampusMBA, the education division of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), has announced a partnership with The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg (LLI) to offer a new development program.

According to CampusMBA, the new program is called ‘A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg’ and offers an on-site training program the uses the Battle of Gettysburg as a metaphor to address current real estate finance industry challenges.

‘As our members seek to find new ways to improve their business operations given the changes our industry is facing, CampusMBA is expanding our training offerings to incorporate unique and comprehensive training options to meet these goals,’ says Jeffrey Schummer, MBA's vice president of education. ‘By partnering with The Lincoln Leadership Institute, our members will have access to distinctive leadership techniques and tools to compete and be successful in this fast=paced market environment.’

The three-day program includes time both in the classroom and at Gettysburg's National Military Park. The battlefields become a learning laboratory as participants retrace the steps of some of history's greatest leaders. Each case study is then thoroughly debriefed by participants, and the concepts learned are applied to the industry's challenges and needs.

More information on this program is available online.

(Picture courtesy of New York Historical Society)


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