Celink Investor Survey Marks Servicer’s 40 Years In Business

g, Mich-based reverse mortgage servicer Celink has published the results of a recently conducted client [u][link=http://celink.com/Portals/0/docs/CELINK-2009survey.pdf]survey[/link][/u]. The survey was commissioned by the company earlier this year to mark its 40-year anniversary. Celink retained M&K Co. in March to perform the independent survey. "We wanted to put our collective finger on the pulse of our clients," says John LaRose, the company's CEO. "If 40 years has taught me anything, it's taught me to ask the tough questions, listen to the answers, and adjust or applaud operations as the information dictates." Respondents were asked about their satisfaction with Celink's various investor reports. Sixty-five percent of investors surveyed said they were "very satisfied" with the company's monthly portfolio reports, and 34.6% said they were "satisfied." None of the respondents said they were either "dissatisfied" or "very dissatisfied" with Celink's portfolio reports. SOURCE:


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