Census Bureau: More Adults Living In Their Parents’ Homes

Census Bureau: More Adults Living In Their Parents' Homes Lenders who are eager to seek out consumers in their twenties and thirties as new borrowers are in for a rough time: Between 2005 and 2011, the proportion of young adults living in their parents' home increased, according to the new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The percentage of men age 25 to 34 living in the home of their parents rose from 14% in 2005 to 19% in 2011. For women in the same age group, the number rose from 8% to 10% during the same period.

Similarly, 59% of men age 18 to 24 and 50% of women that age resided in their parents' home in 2011, up from 53% and 46%, respectively, in 2005. The Census Bureau data includes college students living in a dormitory.

For those seeking their own homes, the data is not particularly encouraging: The Census Bureau reported that the nation's seasonally adjusted homeownership rate was 66.1% in the third quarter, up slightly from 66% in the previous quarter and down from 66.7% a year earlier. Conversely, the rental vacancy rate was 9.8%, up from 9.2% in the second quarter but down from 10.3% a year earlier.


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