Clear Capital Now Accepting ASF LINC

Clear Capital, a data provider for asset valuation and risk assessment, has updated its systems to accept the American Securitization Forum Loan Identification Number Code (ASF LINC), which ASF jointly developed with Standard & Poor's Fixed Income Risk Management Services.

ASF LINC was designed to identify crucial information about individual loans that are securitized in the mortgage- and asset-backed securities markets.

‘We are eager to work with the industry to help facilitate a new generation of more transparent reference data for origination and securitization models,’ says Kevin Marshall, Clear Capital president. ‘We strive every day to offer deeper levels of transparency at the loan level, while providing intelligent valuation solutions for residential mortgage-backed securities.’

The 16-digit ASF LINC captures the loan type, origination date and country of origin, as well as randomized alphanumeric data, to create a unique ID for a wide range of loans that may be pooled and sold into the capital markets.

SOURCE: Clear Capital


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