Introduces Calculator Widget][u][/u][/link] has launched a new calculator widget that allows users to enter information about a transaction (e.g., property location, purchase price, loan amount) and instantly compute the fees, charges and taxes that constitute a good-faith estimate. The tool, the SmartClosing Calculator, is being offered as a mini application that can be embedded on any real estate Web site. The widget lets buyers see their estimated monthly payments (including mortgage, home insurance and property taxes), their closing costs and the total amount of cash they will need to close their transaction. "At a glance, consumers can see each provider's rates and fees, office locations, credentials, services offered and other details," says ClosingCorp CEO Tony Farwell. "This information is available to lenders, real estate agents and consumers early in the home-buying process, so they know all the costs involved with closing on a property in a timely fashion and can make informed decisions." The widget automatically determines which party in the transaction is responsible for fees, such as transfer tax and recording fees, based on local customs and practices. SOURCE: [link=]ClosingCorp


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