Cogent Road Adds Digital Document Delivery][u]Cogent Road[/u][/link], a provider of Internet-based applications for the mortgage industry, has added Digital Document Delivery (D3) to Funding Suite, the company's credit report management platform, in order to provide a system for managing the distribution and management of documents during the mortgage origination process. D3 provides originators with four ways to deliver documents, including PC upload, electronic faxing via a barcoded fax cover sheet, virtual printing and scanning. The company says this is the first time that these delivery methods can be used by originators to submit borrower documents to credit reporting agencies. On the back end, all documents submitted electronically via D3 are indexed into Funding Suite, and the system matches documents with the appropriate order and routes them together to the specific credit processor working on the file. SOURCE: [link=]Cogent Road


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