Cogent Road Initiative Strengthens Originators’ Referral Networks

Cogent Road, a provider of Internet-based applications for the mortgage industry, has launched its Originator Referral Toolkit, a three-pronged program that the company says will help mortgage originators expand their referral networks. The toolkit is available to users of Cogent Road's credit report management platform, Funding Suite.

Each of the three 20-minute presentations and sets of supporting collateral materials, which can be customized to reflect individual brands, focus on a distinct topic.

One presentation focuses on originators' ability to rescore borrowers' credit scores through credit proofreading. A second presentation emphasizes the value brought to referral partners, Cogent Road says, as originators can share with real estate agents a branded EquityID report that automates comparable sales prices for a specific property in question to streamline the pricing process for sellers.

The third presentation focuses on the ability to continue relationships with unqualifiable borrowers. Originators using the AVAIL prequalifying system can effectively establish and maintain contact with potential borrowers and offer guidance as they improve their credit health over time, the company explains.

"Originators need to be able to articulate to real estate agents and other financial professionals how they differentiate from other mortgage lenders in a meaningful way if they want to increase their non-customer referral business," says William DiPaolo, CEO of Cogent Road.

SOURCE: Cogent Road


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