CSC Adds Radian Guaranty’s Eligibility Requirement Rules To SaaS

provider of technology solutions, is expanding its default management software-as-a-service (SaaS), EarlyResolution, to include mortgage insurance eligibility requirements from Radian Guaranty of Philadelphia. Radian's Fast Advance Program helps distressed homeowners by accelerating claims to cover a portion of outstanding delinquencies owed to mortgage servicers once certain requirements are met. With more than 40% of the mortgage servicing industry using EarlyResolution, Radian's Fast Advance rules are now accessible to thousands of servicers and counselors when users are determining workout solutions for homeowners in default, the companies say. Incorporating this information into the system enhances process efficiency and is designed to help reduce loss mitigation decision and approval cycle times and speed loan workouts. ‘We chose EarlyResolution because it addresses many of the challenges servicers and insurers are currently encountering,’ says Camillo Melchiorre, senior vice president of loss management with Radian Guaranty. ‘By integrating FastAdvance's business rules into EarlyResolution, we are offering servicers an innovative loss mitigation alternative without placing an additional operational burden on their already strained resources. The ability to seamlessly access accurate, up-to-date information will aid all of us in the reduction of foreclosures.’ SOURCES: Radian Guaran


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