DocMagic Fires Back At Ellie Mae

The volleying between DocMagic and Ellie Mae continues. DocMagic CEO Dominic Iannitti has responded to Ellie Mae's statement from Wednesday that gave the latter company's version of how the Ellie Mae-DocMagic business partnership fell apart.

‘We are disappointed, but not surprised, that Ellie Mae chooses to address what is a very serious matter by disseminating misinformation and mistruths in an attempt to confuse the issues and take the spotlight off of the unfair business practices and anti-competitive behavior that appears to be a historical and ongoing pattern of conduct by Ellie Mae,’ Iannitti says.

DocMagic accuses Ellie Mae of strong-arming mutual customers.

"Ellie Mae has thwarted customers in their efforts to do business with DocMagic by informing customers that they are in breach of their Ellie Mae user agreements by attempting to do business with DocMagic, by telling customers that they would be billed exorbitant fees for doing business with DocMagic versus Ellie Mae Docs, by shutting down key utilities used by customers to connect with DocMagic, and on and on," Iannitti adds in the most recent company statement.

SOURCE: DocMagic


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