Dynamic Ventures Expands Into REO Retrofitting

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Dynamic Ventures Corp., a company that develops construction solutions for residential and commercial buildings, says it will launch a new division whose focus will be on the real estate owned (REO) segment in the Southwest U.S.

‘Banks are not in the Real Estate business, and they do not want to hold onto foreclosed properties for an extended period of time,’ says Dave Brown, vice president of business development for Dynamic Ventures. ‘We believe that with our strong base of affiliated construction trades, we can quickly retrofit these properties to a marketable condition, turning them into walk-in ready homes and provide a quick turnaround on these foreclosed properties.’

The company, which will soon be renamed Bundled Builder Solutions Inc., owns EZ-Build, a subsidiary that manufactures and installs LEED-certified structures.

SOURCE: Dynamic Ventures Corp.


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