Ellie Mae, Closing.com Team On Assured GFE Service


Ellie Mae, an enterprise mortgage origination technology provider, and Closing.com, a provider of real estate closing services, have launched the Encompass Assured GFE service, powered by Closing.com's SmartGFE Service.

With Encompass Assured GFE, Encompass360 users can now create good-faith estimates (GFEs) directly from their Encompass360 systems, the companies explain.

Encompass Assured GFE can be configured to offer a company's preferred providers, and is backed by a ClosingCorp compliance guarantee that rates and fees are presented in real time and will not result in a HUD-1 tolerance violation. Users can order these services through Encompass360, and a compliance guarantee certificate is saved in the user's Encompass360 eFolder, the companies note.

SOURCES: Ellie Mae, Closing.com

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