FFG Rolls Out FHA Program

Flagship Financial Services (FFG), a turnkey solution for mortgage brokers, has rolled out a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Streamline best practices sharing program.

The program provides marketing pieces, scrubbed mailing lists and scripts for FFG branches. The combined resources show brokers how to capitalize on the surging market share of FHA home loans and FHA Streamline refinances, the company says. FFG claims the mailing pieces, lists and scripting have helped new branches achieve conversion rates in excess of 20%.

‘We have found that, despite the lowest interest rates in 40 years, many mortgage branches are struggling to make money commensurate with market opportunities," says Will Farrar, founder and owner of FFG. "Due to changes in originating, processing and underwriting conventional loans, many mortgage brokers are struggling to get a steady pipeline of funded loans."

Farrar adds that FFG helps brokers obtain state licensing, perform quality control, provide human resource/payroll activities and assist with marketing programs.

SOURCE: Flagship Financial Services


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