Field Asset Services Offers Rehab Service On Foreclosed Properties

Field Asset Services (FAS), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is now offering the REoMODELING service for foreclosed properties in need of rehabilitation.Â

According to FAS, REoMODELING is an end-to-end rehab solution that provides a single point of contact for exterior renovation and interior improvements. Under the terms of the service, FAS qualifies and quantifies the potential for the rehab project, manages the project from inception through completion through its national network of contractors and quality control specialists, and provides project-status updates through its client portal.

‘With today's unprecedented number of foreclosed properties and an increasing backlog, lenders need solutions that will help them quickly and profitably turn their real estate owned properties,’ says Dale McPherson, CEO of Field Asset Services.Â

SOURCE: Field Asset Services


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