First American CoreLogic Introduces Bond Analytics Solution

First American CoreLogic has made available its new Bond Analytics Solution, which delivers valuation and surveillance of residential mortgage-backed securities.

The Bond Analytics Solution generates bond-pricing reports, which include principal loss projections, credit enhancement loss coverage ratios, implied ratings, as well as bond prices driven by user-defined or market-based spreads.

The solution also provides a single view of securities data, borrower data and real estate data by leveraging current open lien information and automated valuation models, which provide updated and dynamic current loan-to-value (CLTV) on the underlying collateral. The Bond Analytics Solution uses First American CoreLogic's TrueLTV and the LoanPerformance Home Price Index (HPI) and HPI Forecasts, providing ZIP code-level historical and projected real estate trends across all local market segments.

The company says the solution has wide-ranging applications. Hedge funds, private equity investors and asset managers can use the new solution for distressed security evaluation, bid list filtering, private transaction assessment and mutual fund pricing. Bank portfolio managers, corporate treasurers, insurance investment managers and government regulators can use the solution for enhanced asset evaluation and surveillance, mark-to-model analysis, loss provisioning and stress-test evaluation.

SOURCE: First American CoreLogic


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