Fiserv Expands Paperless Communications Offerings

Fiserv Inc. has introduced its new eMessaging Service that enables mortgage companies to communicate legal disclosures, regulatory updates and service-related information via e-mail directly to customers who have elected to go paperless and receive bills electronically.

‘An e-messaging service provides a value-added capability for billing organizations who want to cut costs and streamline delivery of required service notices, and makes sense for billing organizations,’ says Bruce Cundiff, director of payments research and consulting, Javelin Strategy and Research. "Using a customizable electronic service and account notification tool ensures billers they are extending the full value of the paperless relationship with their customer to maximize their cost savings.’

Messages sent with the eMessaging Service allow the biller to add branding and personalization with individual names, hyperlinks, logos and graphics, Fiserv notes.

Michelle Flint, vice president and general manager of Fiserv's Biller Solutions division, says that more than 64 million U.S. households opt to pay bills online.

However, "because billing organizations typically send service or regulatory messages to their customers through traditional postal mail, they may not be achieving their paperless cost saving goals," Flint adds.

SOURCE: Fiserv


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