Florida Cities Rank Best And Worst In Median Home Values

Florida Cities Rank Best And Worst In Median Home Values The Sunshine State is home to the best- and worst-performing metropolitan real estate markets since President Obama took office, according to a survey of 1,000 cities by Zillow for Businessweek.com.

Weston, Fla., took the top spot on the survey. The city of more than 65,000 people near Fort Lauderdale saw its median home value rise 15.1% between February 2009 and August 2011. Other top-performing cities on the Zillow list were Arlington, Mass., where the median home value rose by 14.8% during the same period; Brookline, Mass., with a 13.6% increase; and the Virginia cities of Burke and Vienna at 13.5% and 12.8%, respectively.

The worst-performing market is 50 miles away from Weston: Homestead, Fla., where the media home value fell 48.8% since Obama took office. Other worst-performing cities include Pontiac, Mich., with a 47.4% drop, and Trenton, N.J., at 46%.

During the period measured by Zillow, the national median home value fell by 9.9%.


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