FNC Offers New Appraisal Review Technology

FNC Inc. has released a new product designed to make appraisal review more efficient. The Web-based workflow software, GAAR Viewer, works hand-in-hand with FNC's Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules (GAAR) – software that scours appraisal reports for regulatory compliance violations, as well as inconsistencies and excessive adjustments.

‘This thorough, automated review tool serves as an assistant to the underwriter or reviewer, providing instant results of potential issues,’ says Gwen Magrisso, GAAR project manager.

GAAR Viewer presents an on-screen view of the appraisal report with any rule firings and related fields on the appraisal report form highlighted in red. Reviewers, underwriters, quality assurance professionals can hover their cursor over the highlights to reveal the rule reference number and description of the potential violation, FNC says.



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