Foreclosure Law Firm Sues Critic For Defamation

12186_lawsuit Foreclosure Law Firm Sues Critic For Defamation A New York foreclosure law firm has filed a defamation lawsuit against a bankruptcy attorney that questioned its billing practices.

The ABA Journal reports that Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates PC is suing attorney Peter Grubea, who has publicly accused the firm of engaging in ‘the systematic overbilling of New York homeowners for all of the foreclosure-related services they provide.’ Grubea charges the firm with excessive legal fees and overcharging for paperwork, adding that the latter may include work not connected to specific cases.

In its lawsuit, the firm's owners, Thomas and Cynthia Rosicki, accuse Grubea of making false and defamatory statements ‘directed squarely at destroying both the business and reputation of plaintiffs.’ The Rosicki firm defends its fee structure and has suggested that Grubea's claims may be based on either personal animosity or an attempt to gain a negotiating advantage for his clients.


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