Former MBA President Everett Mattson Dies

t Mattson, former president of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), died at his Texas home on July 15. He was 94 years old. Mattson served as the MBA's 54th president (a position that is now designated as the chairman) from 1972 to 1973. Mattson was also active in the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, and in the 1960s he served as a consultant to the Johnson administration's Task Force on Suburbia. He also served on the inaugural board of directors of Fannie Mae's National Housing Partnership. Mattson was born in Balaton, Minn., and educated at St. Olaf College. During World War II, Mattson served in the U.S. Navy and rose to the rank of lieutenant commander, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war, he joined the Houston-based T.J. Bettes Co. as a loan solicitor and rose through the corporate ranks to become president in 1965. When Loam and Nettleton acquired T.J. Bettes in the late 1960s, Mattson served as senior executive vice president for investments and government relations. SOURCE: [link=]MBA[/li


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