Freddie Conducts $30B In Tender Offers

e Mac has begun conducting fixed-price cash tender offers to investors for the purchase of certain [link=][u]debt securities[/u][/link]. The company has capped the purchase offers at a $30 billion total in principal amount – the highest tender offer ever put forth by Freddie Mac. The tender offer period from investors expires at 5 p.m. EDT this Friday, June 5. Barclays Capital Inc. is the designated lead dealer manager for the offers, joined by other dealer managers Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc. and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. The securities' maturity dates range from this September to August 2010. Their total principal amount outstanding is $69.903 billion. Holders of the securities wishing to submit orders to tender may do so by calling any of the three dealer managers anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT during the tender offer period. Results of the offers will be available on Freddie Mac's Debt Securities Web page at [link=][u][/u][/link] next Monday, June 8. SOURCE: Fred


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