Freddie Taps Bank Of New York Mellon To Be Document Custodian

nk of New York Mellon has been selected by Freddie Mac to serve as its designated custodian for documents related to its single-family mortgage business. After a transition period, Freddie Mac will cease to act as its own custodian for single-family mortgage documents. As part of the agreement, The Bank of New York Mellon will receive, review and certify, as required, the documents for single-family mortgages delivered to Freddie Mac and provide other custodial services for documents in its custody. The Bank of New York Mellon will begin providing such custodial and certification services in October. The Bank of New York Mellon provides document custody services for mortgage loan files from its service centers in New York, Texas and California, as well as locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Freddie Mac's documents will be held in custody at the bank's center in Texas. SOURCE: The Bank of New York


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