Fund Aims For $500M In Distressed Assets

d Real Estate Partners Inc. has launched Occasio Distressed Residential Fund, a new investment fund focused on the distressed residential real estate market. With the launch of Occasio ResCap, the company aims to leverage current market conditions and acquire $500 million in distressed residential real estate assets. As an operating platform, Occasio ResCap will manage the acquisition and handle the risk analysis, pricing, underwriting and liquidation of distressed assets. Because it is a fully funded entity that is sponsored by Redwood, Occasio ResCap has the capital to close sales and mitigate sellers' risk, the company says. ‘We are in the midst of a very challenging market and recognize that liquidity is scarce,’ says Carl Chang, founder and CEO of Redwood Real Estate Partners. The new fund was launched to provide sellers of real estate assets an "effective exit strategy," he adds. Occasio ResCap will be led by John Duden, one of the founding partners of Fasthold Capital, which specialized in the acquisition, restructuring, and liquidation of residential whole loans and REO portfolios. SOURCE: Occasio


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