Geithner: Good Case For Gov’t. Role In Housing Finance

reasury Secretary Tim Geithner believes there is a strong case to be made for preserving some type of government guarantee in the housing finance market, according to comments he made in a [link=]television interview[/link] Sunday. Speaking with David Gregory, the moderator on NBC's Meet The Press, Geithner said that a ‘carefully designed’ guarantee will enable borrowers to finance a house, ‘even in a very damaging recession.’ ‘We're not going to preserve Fannie and Freddie in anything like their current form,’ Geithner said. ‘We're going to have to bring fundamental change to that market.’ Geithner also stated that policies meant to encourage homeownership and provide low-income Americans with access to affordable housing will need to be examined. Clips of Geithner's interview on Meet The Press are posted on the show's [link=]website[/link]. SOURCE: [link=]NBC


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