GSEs Inspire ‘Occupy’ Protest Websites

GSEs Inspire 'Occupy' Protest Websites The parallel news stories of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) scandals have overlapped in the launch of two new websites: and

‘We've officially launched and, where both websites will raise awareness and call citizens to non-violent action through the vehicle of public protests at both headquarters,’ says Aaron Fraser, developer of the websites.

The planned protests – which are being funded and sponsored by Gotham Dating Partners Inc., an online social networking company – will be held Nov. 28 at the Fannie Mae headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the Freddie Mac headquarters in McLean, Va. But for those who cannot make it to the protests, Fraser is offering an e-commerce alternative.

‘The public can go to the websites to buy shirts to participate in the movement,’ he says. ‘I want to connect with the young and old who are tired of corporate greed and want to show it by publicly protesting.’

Fraser notes that he is not affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street organizers, but that he hopes to ‘bring all of the occupy movements under one umbrella.’


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