Harrisburg Mayor Faces Foreclosure On Commercial Property

Harrisburg Mayor Faces Foreclosure On Commercial Property The mayor of Harrisburg, Pa., is facing a possible foreclosure lawsuit on the property that was previously used as the headquarters of a housing counseling nonprofit that she once ran.

The Central Pennsylvania Business Journal reports that Mayor Linda Thompson is the center of a complaint filed by Metro Bank of Swarta Township, Pa., which claims the mayor has not made a mortgage payment on the property since September. Thompson took out a $60,000 mortgage on the property in January 2007, and the bank is seeking nearly $52,000 in principal and penalties. If the matter is not settled, the bank may pursue foreclosure proceedings.

Thompson ran her nonprofit, called Loveship, prior to her 2009 election. A city spokesperson issued a statement saying that the bank's complaint was ‘a personal matter and has no bearing on the mayor's office.’


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