HOPE NOW: 84,000 Loan Mods In November

10684_hopenow HOPE NOW: 84,000 Loan Mods In November HOPE NOW has announced that nearly 84,000 loans were modified during November 2011, bringing the total number of modifications for 2011 to approximately 969,000.

Since HOPE NOW began tracking foreclosure prevention data in 2007, its member mortgage servicers have completed 5.13 million total permanent loan modifications for homeowners nationwide.

‘The mortgage industry and its partners have worked hard for homeowners nationwide,’ says Faith Schwartz, executive director for HOPE NOW. ‘With almost 1 million loan modifications completed in the first 11 months of 2011 and over 5 million since 2007, it is clear that efforts to assist at-risk families via all available channels are bearing some fruit.’


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