HUD Offers $95 Million For Education, Job Training Programs

HUD Offers $95 Million For Education, Job Training Programs The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is allocating $95 million to two grant programs designed to help residents who receive HUD rental assistance get the necessary education and job training to gain employment and increase their income.

The programs are the Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency Program (HCV-FSS) and the Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency Program-Service Coordinator (ROSS-SC). Public housing agencies are eligible for approximately $60 million in HCV-FSS funding, while public housing authorities, nonprofit agencies, public housing resident associations and American Indian tribes or tribally designated housing entities are eligible for $35 million in ROSS-SC funding.

‘These programs help low-income families move to economic independence by linking them with community service providers who offer educational and job training opportunities,’ says HUD Assistant Secretary Sandra Henriquez. ‘Ultimately, these grants will make it possible for public housing residents to achieve their personal and career goals.’

The application deadline for the ROSS-SC grant program is March 27 and the application deadline for the HCV-FSS program is April 24.


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