HUD Retains Gilmore Kean LLC To Lead HANO

S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has [link=]announced[/link] that Gilmore Kean LLC, the current receivership team for the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), will continue to lead the agency for the next three years. Gilmore Kean was selected by HUD last fall to manage day-to-day operations and conduct a comprehensive audit of the agency that will serve as the roadmap for developing and implementing a long-term recovery strategy for returning the agency to local control. Since that time, according to HUD, the team has resolved several financial, human resource and redevelopment challenges, including the restructuring of HANO's Housing Choice Voucher Program that enabled the agency to process more than 2,400 new vouchers over the past 90 days. The team also implemented the first multi-agency partnership with social service agencies to administer vouchers for families with preferences, HUD added. SOURCE


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