Identity Theft Solutions Embedded In MortgageDashboard

riginated through MortgageDashboard, mortgages will include a full year of borrower identity theft protection through Majestic Security's ‘Because We Care’ initiative. Through idBUSINESS, mortgage lenders using the MortgageDashboard system will also become compliant with Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rules covering information security practices by businesses that extend consumer credit. In April 2009, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) named Majestic Security as preferred provider of the FACTA Red Flag Rules Compliance Module. ‘Information security is a fact of life for mortgage lenders and community lending institutions,’ says Mortgage Dashboard CEO Jorge Sauri. ‘By embedding identity theft protection in our on-demand loan origination and processing platform, MortgageDashboard becomes a first line of defense for lenders that want to guard their borrowers and their business from information criminals.’ SOURCES: idBUSINESS, MortgageDa


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