IMA Announces $195M Portfolio Offering

Interactive Mortgage Advisors (IMA), a broker of loan servicing portfolios, has announced a bulk servicing offering. The portfolio is made up of 72 Fannie Mae loans and 1,080 Freddie Mac loans, and it features a total principal balance of $195.85 million. The average loan size is $170,010. Two loans are in the 30-day bucket, and one loan is in foreclosure.

All loans amortize on a 10- to 30-year basis with interest collected in arrears, IMA's fact sheet says. The unnamed seller is a wholesale mortgage company, and most loans were third-party originations that were originated by community banks. Bids on the portfolio must be received by 12:00 p.m. MST, on March 2.

SOURCE: Interactive Mortgage Advisors


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