IndiSoft Expands With New Washington, D.C., Location

IndiSoft LLC, a technology development firm focused on default-servicing systems, has opened an office in Washington, D.C., to meet the growing demand for information from regulators and policy-makers.

‘Regulations governing the mortgage and housing industries are changing on a regular basis,’ says Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, president and CEO of IndiSoft. ‘The more up-to-date the information we have, the more responsive we can be in our technology development, as well as in the enhancements we offer to our existing technology – all to further ensure that we meet the needs of companies involved in default management."

Brian Friedman, who joined IndiSoft earlier this year as senior vice president, is managing the office, in addition to being responsible for business development, contract negotiations, investor relations and joint ventures. Friedman has more than 14 years of business and financial development experience.



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