Interthinx Hits Training Milestone

hinx Inc., a national provider of risk mitigation and regulatory compliance tools, has announced a milestone: The company has trained more than 30,000 individuals on fraud detection since its inception in 2005. ‘The industry is taking mortgage fraud very seriously and stepping up training on tools to stop it dead in its tracks,’ says Interthinx President Kevin Coop. "An educated workforce in the mortgage industry is key to the fraud fight, and effectively training large groups of employees on software is important." To provide context around the need for fraud detection tools, Interthinx has produced numerous Webisodes, films and newscasts, including the DVD training films FSI: Fraud Scheme Investigation and Fraud Angels. Marni Scott, chief credit officer for Flagstar Bank, says the bank runs most of its loans through Interthinx's quality control tools. "Not only is Interthinx training crucial for our employees to understand the technology and to interpret results, but the complementary fraud training films that we've embedded in our internal systems provide fraud education, along with just enough entertainment value, to increase learning retention with our employees," Scott says. SOURCE: Int


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