Interthinx Integrates PredProtect Into Ellie Mae Network

hinx and Ellie Mae have formed a working relationship that includes the integration of the Interthinx PredProtect Compliance Suite into the Ellie Mae Network. ‘The integration provides lenders with the ability to verify that their loans are in compliance with hundreds of federal and state anti-predatory lending requirements, including the new HOEPA Section 35, and Truth In Lending Act and Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act tolerances,’ explains Roger Fendelman, vice president of compliance for Interthinx. The Ellie Mae Network connects mortgage professionals to the lenders and settlement service providers with whom they work to process and fund loans. The company's enterprise mortgage origination technology solutions include the Encompass and Encompass360 software, which are available to mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, community banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders. Interthinx provides a variety of risk mitigation and regulatory compliance tools for the financial services industry. "Delivering the PredProtect Compliance Suite via the Ellie Mae Network requires no mapping, no programming and no additional integration costs for Encompass360 users,’ adds Mike Zwerner, senior vice president of Interthinx. ‘This plug-and-play type integration means underwriters spend more time ensuring compliance and closing loans and less time making data entry mistakes and placing last-minute calls to the compliance officer." SOURCE: [link= ]Interthinx


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