ISGN Now Offering HARP 2.0 Services

Bensalem, Pa.-based ISGN Corp. has made available staffing, processing and underwriting solutions to help lenders and servicers meet volume spikes in relation to the newly expanded Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).

The company – which has processed, underwritten and closed HARP loans since the program began two years ago – says its HARP 2.0 services fall into three categories.

The first service is staffing augmentation, which ISGN says provides lenders with personnel for processing, underwriting and closing HARP loans. The second is component outsourcing, in which ISGN handles an area of origination that might be a process constraint for a lender, such as processing, underwriting or closing.

Additionally, ISGN offers end-to-end HARP loan outsourcing, in which ISGN processes, underwrites, closes and sets up loan funding. Lenders can manage their customer calls through a single point of contact, while ISGN handles the loan fulfillment, the company explains.


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