ISGN Releases Next-Gen Customer Service Portal

orp., a global mortgage solutions company, has released its next-generation Customer Service Portal system that provides borrowers, lenders, investors and attorneys with self-service, 24/7 access to active and inactive loan data. The portal includes data such as tax and insurance information, escrow analyses, and year-end, current and historical loan data – regardless of the servicing system used. The Customer Service Portal can integrate into any loan servicing system platform and be private-labeled for any lender or servicer, ISGN says. The portal is a turnkey system and is part of ISGN's increased focus on product enhancements for 2009, the company says. The Customer Service Portal creates an online channel where borrowers and other end users can access relevant information on their loans, including information to determine loan modifications and complete transactions, such as a bill payment or payoff-statement request. The system can address both active and inactive loans, including those that have reached foreclosure, bankruptcy and paid-off status by giving servicers the ability to load inactive loans into the portal database, ISGN says. "By providing borrowers and customers with a 24/7 self-service portal, these companies can save labor costs, increase staff efficiency and prioritize customer service phone contact," says Reggie Swiney, president of mortgage products for ISGN. SOURCE: ISG


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